“He stood there for a moment with eyes closed, knowing, fearing yet loving, this moment would have to sustain him for the rest of the day. Finally he opened his eyes, the water trickling down his skull, streaming down his scared forehead and onto his face.”

“It is better knowing the king than being the king, I reminded myself. I enjoyed serving as an advisor and influencer. Political power had its restrictions.”

“I’m losing control. That dependable, solid line is dissolving. Between authority and humanity. Officer and civilian. Protector and protected. It all seems to matter less and less.”

“Any person can be a saint if life treats ya proper. Dere are bad people … no doubt about that. … but mostly i think dere be scared or sad people.”

“It was a melee of flesh, men packed on top of men, with the only light trickling in from small, barred windows. No guards were in sight. Instead, as far as the eye could see, a sweaty stew of hardened criminals looked me up and down in my soiled white suit.”

Learn all about what really put Exuma on the map.

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